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  Welcome to the International Ninjutsu Society web site.

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Thank you for your interest in our society.  

The International Ninjutsu Society was founded in 2005 by Grandmaster Lee Vineyard to help further the study of Ninjutsu and spread the teachings of this art throughout the world and to help any and all ninjutsu Soke, Sijo, Master, Instructor or Student with his or her system be it Traditional or Non-Traditional.  

Grandmaster Vineyard has committed more then 40 years of his life to Martial Arts, traveling around the country offering seminars, and providing a path for rank, membership and fellowship in the art of Ninjutsu to all qualified individuals.

Over the last 10 years the INS has grown to be one of the most respected martial arts associations in the world, with International Affiliates in 14 countries and International Branches in 7 countries.  We invite you, whether you have dedicated your training to Ninjutsu or simply have an interest in experiencing this unique martial arts, to join the International Ninjutsu Society or attend an INS sponsored seminar.
To register for your free membership send in the following: ( All info listed must be sent )

1. Photo w/ uniform
2. Copy of certifications
3. Information on your system
4. Information on you Teacher
5. Basic resume covering your martial arts background
6. Dojo Location - (street, city, state, country, zip, contact number)
7. Your full name, and Date of Birth

Mail all info to: International Ninjutsu Society
                         1108 Treasure Lake
                          DuBois, PA 15801

As a registered INS school/club you may take advantage of the many benefits offered by the International Ninjutsu Society.  Instructor/Master Instructor seminars are held by regions
each year.

You may also register your students for a fee to receive benefits such as membership card, patches, and a membership certificate for each student.

The INS has come a long way in the martial arts world. We continue to grow and to look for future leaders within our Society.

The Board of Directors are here to help you in any way we can. Please contact us if you have any further questions. You may contact the Staff  personally:

INS Store Link

New Charter School

Masters that have passed

Sakki Godan test