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May 2015

The INS has added a few new International Affiliate schools and a few more state members.

April 4, 2011

To all the members and students of the International Ninjutsu Society, Thank you for being there for my family and me. It has been a hard year with my wife being sick and going though three surgrys and trying to recover has been hard. For the ones that has emailed , called or stoped by Thank you for your friendship.  I hope by the end of this month to try and get back on track with the society and its teaching.  God bless my friends and if there is anything I can ever do let me know.

GM Lee Vineyard

Feb 1, 2011

I would like to say thank you to all the members and Grandmasters friends for standing behind him in his time of need. As a lot of you where informed GM wife was very sick, She had her surgry in Nov and Dec. She has one more in late March. As of now she is doing well. GM will be updating the site and will be contacting members to update that stats on memberships, classes, and testing.
Also our domain name was sold with out us knowing so we have hired a lawer to handle our case, untill then will change to
Also as everyone knows we have added a student training site. Instructors and students will be able to log on and view training videos or ask Instructors questions dealing with their system.
So I'm asking all our members to sign up and help our members learn their system of Martial Arts, post your videos and photos. Thanks for everyones help.

Jan 5, 2011
Its time to start the Spring Membership. Grandmaster will be take apps. for Five Private students. If you would like more infomation, contact us by e-mail.

April 23, 2010

On April 22, 2010 - Grandmaster Vineyard and the International Ninjutsu Society Board promoted Soke Victory to the rank of Eleventh Degree and with the title of Supreme GrandMaster.
Grandmaster Vineyard had the honor to meet with Soke Joseph M. Victory Jr. and his family along with some students. The Soke made Grandmaster feel welcome like if they had been friends for the last 20 years, Thats is true friendship and respect. ( In Grandmasters Words) - Soke Victory was very respectful and opened his dojo to myself and my student. I felt like I had known him and his family for years. He is loved by his students and friends and with the time he has had in the Martial Arts, Myself or the Board could have never pick a better person to hold this title with respect and honor. Soke Victory has my respect and friendship and if he ever need my help it is there for Him, his family and their students.

Dec 25, 2009
Grandmaster would like to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to our Family, Friends, Borad Members, Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors and Students. My you day be full of joy! Be safe my friends.

Sept 10, 2009
Winter classes are coming up. We have 3 slots left open for private training with the GM. The training will be held out doors, if you would like to join contact the staff director at the fee and hours will be as follows.
Class: Two hours long, two days a week
Fee: 90.00 month

July 10, 2009
Everyone at International Ninjutsu Society would like to welcome our new Asst. Director Grand Master Ronald Duncan. GM. Duncan has over 40 years in the martial arts. We look forward to having him on our board. GM Duncan welcome to our family.

May 21, 2009
Grandmaster Vineyard will be taking on students for the summer. The training will be held out doors, if you would like to join contact the staff director at the fee and hours will be as follows.
Class: Two hours long, two days a week
Fee: 90.00 month

May 8, 2009
We at the INS would like to welcome our new GA State Representatives Master Frank Fuller. We look forward to our new friendship.

April 20, 2009
We at the INS would like to welcome our new NJ State Representatives GrandMaster/Sifu Quoc L. Tran. We look forward to our new friendship.

March 1, 2009
We at the INS would like to welcome our new members:
Grandmaster Leonard Holifield - Technical Director - Military Combat Systems - US Army
Soke Sefik Gulten - Istanbul Turkey - Representative
Shodai-Soke Joseph M. Victory, Jr - PA- Representative
Prof, Gholamreza Gholami - Iran Representative
Shidoshi John Street

Jan 26, 2009
We at the International Ninjutsu Society would like to welcome, Soke Darrell R.Smith from the International San Ryu Do Sokeship Council. Soke will be the MD-State Rep for the INS.
Dr. Darrell R.Smith - MD-State Representative

Jan 20, 2009
Grandmaster Lee Vineyard bought the International Grandmaster Federation from Grandmaster Ronald Yates and Grandmaster CH Vang. The reason behind this is we have been getting request for non-ninjutsu stylest to join. So by adding this Federation we will be able to grow and help all styles of Martial Arts. We are looking for State and International Directors and Reps.

Jan 4, 2009
Shihan Febres return the 10th.dan koga ryu certificate.
Shihan: Febres said he was unable to take the certificate due to his Soke Ronald Duncan would not like that. Soke Angel understands. and remove Shihan: Febres from him files. he did not know that Shihan: Febres was a member and student of Soke Ronald Duncan. And give him Recognition of Rank for 6th.dan in koga ryu. Shihan: Febres holds a 5th.dan (godan) under Soke Ronald Duncan. for sometime now.

Dec 15, 2008 - Rank Promoted
Soke Angel M. Guerra has promoted Shihan Carlo R. Febres to the new rank of 10th.dan black belt as of 07-20-2008
All of us at INS would like to say congratulations to your new rank.

Dec 11, 2008 - Belt Rank Video Learning and Testing
We at the INS are pleased to let our members and students know that we will be placing training videos on youtube. This is a trial base to see how it works out.
for any other information, please feel free to contact us at 412-319-7580

Dec 9, 2008 - Private Student Enrollment
It's that time of year. On Jan 15 , 2009 Soke will be looking for 10 private students. The class is two hours long and two days a week.
Contact us for more information and fees .

Dec 1, 2008 - New Training Center

I would like to say thanks to all the students and members of INS, for the hard work they did. The all new training center will be underway on 12/12/08. Thank you all..
God Bless and Merry Christmas
GM Lee Vineyard

Sept 10, 2008 - INS Director

As of this date we will no longer have fee's for testing.  The only  fee will be for the certification, & Belt.  We at INS are here to bring together the ninjutsu world not make money from it

Sept 5, 2008

Soke: Angel M. Guerra  on the left:

We would like to welcome Soke Guerra to our society.  Soke will be on the board as a Technical Director for Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Ranking.


July 1, 2008 -  We welcome SVS to INS.  Good luck in your ninjutsu training

June 30, 2008 - We would like to say congratz to Jason Miess for joining the U.S. Army.  Mr. Miess will be leaving us in Nov., To start his new life. Good Luck and God Bless from the  INS Family.

June 15, 2008 -  We would like to say congratz to Mike Obrian on his fourth degree. Good luck in your ninjutsu  training

  International Ninjutsu Society -Florida Director - Kissimmee, Florida
May 20, 2008 -   While in Kissimmee, Florida, The director of International Ninjutsu Society,  had the honor to meet with Dr. Carlos R. Febrees .    Mr. Febrees is the youngest 10th Dan ever to be acknowleged by the late Grandmaster Peter Urban. His abilities have been recognized by federations such as: USA Goju, Goshindo Kenpo & Samurai Association, United Budokai Federation, Bujinkan Fellowship International, Goshinjutsu International Martial Arts Association, International Federation of Jujutsuans, Black Dragon Fighting Society, World Karate Federation, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the International Batto-Do Shizan Association and the International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation just to name a few. He is the founder of The World Nindo Ryu Federation / Zen Sekai Nindo Ryu Remmei. We at INS, are honor to have Mr. Febrees on our board and  give him the title of Florida Director. We know he will be a grate asset to our society.

Mr. Febrees was by far one of the nicest,  Masters I have had the honor talking with.

You may reach him at the address listed below for classes.

School:   Nindo Ryu Hombu Dojo
Located: 980 East Carroll St.
City: Kissimmee   St:  Florida   Zip: 34744.
Phone number :407-348-8224.