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System and Founder Recognition

System and Founder Recognition

In order to receive the International Ninjutsu Society founder or system certification, you
must hold and be able to verify at least the following.

1. 4th Dan in any one style or Minimum of three (3) black belt rankings in separate
styles, one of which must be a 2nd Dan or higher.

2. Each candidate must also provide a complete syllabus and curriculum for the system.

3. Written essay (2-5 pages) explaining the philosophy and unique qualities of the

4. Letters of recommendation from high ranking martial arts peers and students can
also be submitted.

(A physical examination in front of a panel of representatives may be required)

*PLEASE NOTE: Upon being granted System Founder Recognition, you will be
awarded the honorable title of:

Japanese - Soke
Chinese Sijo or Shigong
Korean - Suseung - Nim