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INS has openings in the followng areas:
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If you wish to apply for one of the openngs please contact us by email or phone.

Over the last 30 years of training in martial arts, I've seen all kinds of instructors, but over the last couple of years I've seen masters, instructors, and students attack each other over what bad blood, not understanding each others art, someone talking bad on a school and because he or she is a friend you feel they are right. Or maybe your master said that system is fake or the teacher is fake or the system is no good.. or the one I like is our system is the only true system. what ever the reason, you need to step back and ask yourself something, what ever happen to the brotherhood, respect, and honor.  Martial Arts is a way of life and you must respect that, what gives anyone the right to dishonor anyone, and I do.agree that you should be certified to teach But I also beleave that if someone is placed on the wrong track, then we as true masters or instructors should try and help put them on the right track. In todays world there are a lot of home study courses and I feel that its ok as long as the instructor takes his or her time to make sure the student learns it right and not worry about how much money they make.  (Heres a case study) A young man contacts a grandmaster of ninjutsu and wants to become his student, but there are no certified instructors in the area for miles, so the grandmaster offers a homestudy course, now the student trains really hard and feels hes doing a good job and the GM is telling him the same.  so the student keeps sending money to the training videos and testing fees untill one day he opens a dojo and starts making youtube videos to help get student., ( not knowing any better because the grandmaster told him he was doing a good job.)  he truns on his.her computer for the feed back and sees people calling him/her names or calling him/her fake.  and the one thing going through his/her mind is why!   Now ask yourself who is dishonoring the arts the student or the master.  I understand people get mad but I feel if you are certified to be able to dishonor someone then you should be able to open up your heart and skill and offer to help place them on the right track. and do it for the respect not the money.  Remember money cant buy respect , you need to work for it.  and by dishonoring someone is also dishonoring your master.  I'm sure he/she trained you better then that.   

I wish every one a Happy Holiday and New Year

INS Staff

The INS is here to help anyone in the martial arts, however we are not going to give out certifications to anyone that has not been approved by the board.  (You must show that you are certified in that art).  For the INS to offer system backing you must test in person in front of one or more of the directors and pass out a system syllabus for the director/s to review and grade you on as you start your demonstration. you must pass with a 95% and not less.