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Supreme Grandmaster Award
International Ninjutsu Society

This award is given by the International Ninjutsu Society and the International Grandmasters Federation once every three years to a Grandmaster that has made a difference with in the Martial Arts. His/her life has been spent promoting, honoring, developing, and teaching the Martial Arts. This is a Great Honor to give onto someone that really cares about his Life, Family, Friends, Students, and the Martial way.

If you feel your Master deserves this title and rank, he/she must meet the following requirments.

1. Have over 30+ years in the Martial Arts
2. Age 58 or older
3. Must hold a Tenth Degree in a noted syatem
4. Must own a school or be retired from teaching
5. Must show a track record of what he or She has done to promote the Martial Arts.

If you still feel that your master meet the following requirments then send us a photo with his Bio for the board to review to the following address.

International Ninjutsu Society
119 Greenwood Drive
Bridgeville, PA 15017
United States